Personal InjuryClaiming An Emotional & Financial Victory For Our Clients

April 12, 20160

As a recent trial victory swept through the Binder & Associates office, our attorneys were able to pass along an emotional and financial victory to our clients in the form of a $10 million verdict on their behalves.

Our office prepared and applied the Breach of Contract law known as the Breach of the Implied Covenant of Good Faith and Fair Dealing in a recent case that changed the lives of many. As our office, and clients, are all too aware, insurance companies make a habit of saying one thing, and actually practicing another. In this particular case, our clients were involved in a car accident that left another driver in serious condition, altering his lifestyle through paraplegia.

When our clients presented their policy and liability limits to their provider, Allstate Insurance company, they were told their limit of $100,000 would be paid to the injured party, as per his request in the initial settlement proposal. Suddenly, without notice, Allstate retracted their previous promises to pay the initial limit, and subsequently offered a mere $34,000 as an end figure.

Not surprisingly, the injured party was unable to accept such a meager settlement, and because of his injuries, should have never been put in a position to consider such a low, counter offer. The injured man then turned his legal muscle towards our clients, asking for $10 million in damages, which he was awarded by a jury.

Imagine being sued for just over $10 million – and losing. The emotionally taxing experience would send anyone reeling from the moment the verdict was announced. The financial obligation, for anyone, would be too much to bear.

This is where the hardworking attorneys at Binder & Associates demand justice for our clients. Our lawyers prepared an ironclad case against the insurance giant, asking that their company pay the injured party as our clients’ insurance provider. The insurance company refused, and that led to a hard fought lawsuit in Federal Court.  During the case the insurance company would still not settle, and the case went all the way to trial.

A unanimous jury found in favor of our clients and we won! Our attorneys fight for those who are wronged by their insurance companies, and will continue to do so as long as these breach of contract cases burden our California families.