Electric Scooter AccidentsExpanded Availability Of Electric Scooters Leads To More Injuries & Fatalities In California

November 29, 20200

Los Angeles is leading the country in e-scooter availability, which inherently leads to more injuries, including those that involve both the scooter rider and pedestrians.

We recently discussed a CDC study that links the likelihood of accidents occurring to first-time riders, but our Encino, California scooter accident attorneys know that the more scooters that are available on our streets, the more accidents will continue to occur.

Unfortunately, the injuries that result from these collisions can be severe, and even deadly.

Why Are California Scooter Accident Injuries So Severe?

Dr. Tarak Trivedi is an emergency room physician in Los Angeles, who also co-authored one of the first peer-reviewed studies of scooter injuries.

He and his colleagues counted 249 scooter injuries throughout the last year in Los Angeles alone and noted that more than 40% of those injuries were head injuries.

Much like when motorcycle accidents occur, the rider’s exposed and vulnerable position creates the potential for very serious injuries.

The California Department of Motor Vehicles states that by law all motorcyclists and their passengers must wear a helmet while riding. When it comes to scooters, the operating companies — including the city’s largest providers, Lime and Bird — state that riders should wear helmets during operation, but they are not required by law.

This relaxed attitude toward public safety can lead to traumatic brain injuries in Encino and even wrongful death. When these life-changing accidents occur, our personal injury attorneys in Encino, CA, are here to help our community members recover in the best way possible for their unique case.

It is important that your scooter accident is taken seriously, and that you do not brush off your injuries as a common side effect of riding the easy to use modes of transportation in our city.

Are California Scooter Rider Fatalities Considered Wrongful Death?

Wrongful death cases in Encino, CA are evaluated based on their unique circumstances, no matter the cause of the collision. The crash facts and evidence to support the death of a loved one are important segments of proving a wrongful death case in court.

In April of this year, a 31-year-old scooter rider was crossing Sunset Boulevard and Vine Street in a marked crosswalk when struck and killed by a driver, who may be facing significant criminal charges. And while wrongful death cases are civil suits — not criminal ones — the scooter rider’s family could very well have a case against the person charged in the fatality.

If you have been hurt in a collision or have lost a loved one while riding, contact our dedicated Encino, California scooter accident attorneys at Binder & Associates today at (818) 659-8588 to schedule a free consultation to discuss your case and overall financial recovery needs.