Car AccidentsFord, General Motors Issue Recalls, Thousands Of Vehicles Impacted

July 24, 20160

The latest reports concerning auto recalls continue to pile up.

The latest announcements released by the U.S. National Highway Traffic Safety Administration show that both General Motors and Ford have launched recalls that impact thousands of vehicles nationwide. According to the reports, the impacted vehicles could pose fire, injury, or crash risks to consumers.

The latest recall announcement published by Ford impacts all units of the 2015 Ford Mustang vehicles. The units manufactured between February 14, 2014 and February 10, 2015 and that have been fitted with the 2.3L engines are the ones listed under this recall.

The vehicles impacted by the recall have been equipped with certain fuel tank or fuel vapor lines that could be exposed to elevated underbody temperatures. As a result, the fuel tank or the vapor lines may experience degradation. Other problems that may arise include issued with the parking brake cables, which may also degrade due to exposure of elevated temperatures. A parking brake cable degradation may expose the driver to crash risks since the parking brake functions may suffer as a consequence.

If the fuel leak occurs and the fuel comes in contact with an ignition source, a fire may ensue, increasing the risk of injury or fiery accidents.

Ford claims the impacted vehicles haven’t been linked to any accidents so far. If you were impacted and you’re not entirely sure of what to do, make sure to have this issue addressed by contacting Ford.

According to the U.S. National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, dealers will contact consumers in the beginning of July. The impacted vehicles should be fitted with a replacement fuel tank shield for free. New thermal patches should also be added to the fuel tank and parking brake cables. If needed, new thermal wraps will also be added to fuel vapor lines.

Any repair should be performed for free at authorized dealers.

General Motors Recall Poses Crash Risks

According to the announcement published by the NHTSA, impacted vehicles include the 2015 Cadillac ATS and CTS vehicle models. The units have been fitted with a bracket that is placed between the rod that actuates the brakes and the brake pedal assembly. Since the bracket may fracture during normal brake pedal operation, a brake function loss may occur, and an accident may take place.

General Motors has indicated that the recalled vehicle owners should be contacted after August 1, 2015. Owners who have any concerns associated with this recall should contact Cadillac immediately. No reports of accidents linked to these vehicles have been released so far.

If you were impacted by this recall, contact Cadillac to have more details on this recall addressed.