Firm NewsHow To Prove Fault In A Car Accident Lawsuit

April 23, 20230

When a car accident lawsuit begins, there is always the question of who caused it. Assigning blame is a part of the process, but how is it done? Each side will have its own version of events, and everything has to be reviewed in order to reach a viable conclusion. When neither party will concede, it’s important to know what happens next, and this guide has all the answers.

Never Say It’s Your Fault

Even if you are not sure about the finer details, a verbal admission of guilt is as good as signing away your rights when it comes to finding a resolution for accident claims. Just try to tell the truth as you recall it without going into too much detail. You never know all the things that might have played a part in causing the accident and defining the resulting injuries.

Get Some Concrete Evidence

The more evidence you have to present, the better. Evidence is things like witness statements, photographs, videos, audio descriptions, police logs, and CCTV footage from the scene of the event. Concrete evidence is hard to argue with, and while sometimes it may be manipulated, it could be the deciding factor between you receiving compensation or not. It is easy to see whether or nota driver was in direct violation of traffic law, for instance, but you can’t tell from a picture how tired they were behind the wheel.

Pay Special Attention To These Things

Evidence is one thing, but ithas to be useful. Look out for these particular factors to really give the case a boost.

  • The weather conditions at the time of the accident.
  • The speed limit on the road.
  • Things like lack of turn signals.
  • Whether or not it was a school zone.

Keep A Record Of The Consequences

Car accidents cause a lot of damage. Aside from the structural damage to your vehicle, there is also the mental toll, loss of wages, and injuries to think about. Every medical appointment, all the consequences of the injuries you suffered, and any time you had to take off work should all be put forward when it comes to defining liability. There is a lot of information legal teams can ascertain from this kind of documentation.

Ask A Lawyer

If you’re really stuck and up against a hard claims adjuster or aparticularly vicious opposing party, it is time to get legal representation on your side. With a good lawyer, you will have more support and less stress to find what you need to win a claim. Proving it wasn’t your fault is not as easy as showing someone else was to blame, and an attorney will be able to assist you with this and seek out the truth. It is always beneficial to navigate these things with the guidance of a legal voice.

If you or someone you love has been in a car accident and nobody wants to admit fault, it is time to take action. Have apreliminary conversation about what you could achieve and find out all the options on the table.

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