Car AccidentsSpeeding Is A Factor In Over 25% Of All Fatal Traffic Accidents In The U.s.

December 22, 20190

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, speeding killed 9,378 people during traffic collisions throughout the country in 2018.

That number represents more than one-quarter of all the fatal accidents that occurred on our U.S. roadways. When collisions occur at high rates of speed, the impact can be devastating, leaving injury victims permanently hurt, or even taking their lives.

At Binder & Associates, our car accident attorneys in EncinoCalifornia know firsthand how devastating traffic collisions caused by speeding can be, leaving our clients with long-term injuries that require lengthy medical care and extended time away from work.

We provide the experienced representation our personal injury clients need to hold the speeding driver accountable for their recklessness by seeking the best financial outcome available in each case we take on.

Why Is It So Important To Obey Our Encino Speed Limits?

Speed limits exist to keep everyone on the road safe while traveling to and from their destinations. They also assist drivers in using the necessary speed — either slower or faster, as the limit changes — to traverse neighborhoods, curved roads, and school zones safely.

Following our California speed limits is not only a safe way to get around and avoid accidents, but it is the legal way to ensure you do not get pulled over and acquire negative points on your driving record that can lead to your license being suspended or revoked.

If you have trouble maintaining the speed limit, follow these tips to adjust your behavior:

  • Leave for your destination with plenty of time to spare to avoid rushing through traffic to make it on time. It is better to arrive safe and late than to jeopardize your well-being.
  • Do not tailgate the driver in front of you in an attempt to get them to speed up. Tailgating can cause serious read-end accidents that can cause severe injuries to you and the driver in front of you. Slow down and proceed with the flow of traffic leaving plenty of room between you and the next vehicle.
  • Use cruise control to avoid speeding. If you have trouble maintaining the proper speed limit, place your vehicle in cruise control to maintain a consistent pace until you reach your destination.

What If The Drivers Around Me Are Speeding?

One of the first things we all learn when we get our driver’s license is that we cannot control other drivers’ behaviors. Negligent drivers are everywhere, including those who are speeding.

Keep yourself and your passengers safe when traveling alongside a speeder by:

  • Allowing them to go around and pass you
  • Avoiding the impulse to block their progress
  • Contacting their employers, when dealing with a speeding commercial vehicle, once you reach a safe stopping point and can place a call without placing yourself or other drivers in danger

What Are The Financial Costs Associated With Speeding Accidents?

The economic cost of speeding-related accidents throughout the country is estimated at more than $40 billion each year.

At higher rates of speed, fast-moving vehicles can cause substantially more damage when an accident occurs. As a result, passengers in both vehicles may suffer from severe and even life-threatening injuries.

This can translate to:

  • Extended medical care, and longer recovery times
  • Higher medical bills
  • Ongoing lost wages, or the inability to return to work
  • Temporary or permanent disabilities

If you have been hurt in a car accident in Encino, California, contact our personal injury attorneys in Los Angeles County at Binder & Associates today by calling (818) 659-8588 to schedule a free consultation. If we do not win your case and solidify the financial recovery you deserve for your injuries, you do not pay our attorney fees.