Motorcycle AccidentsRiding Safety Tips For Motorcyclists (Part 3)

December 23, 20160

An essential riding safety tip for motorcyclists is to always assume that other motorists on the road don’t see riders.

Concluding the three-part blog Riding Safety Tips for Motorcyclists, here are some final tips that all motorcycle riders should keep in mind and practice every time they ride. By following these safety tips, riders can protect themselves, reduce their chances of getting into motorcycle accidents and ultimately do their part to keep the roadways safe.

  • Adjust your riding when there is bad weather – When it rains heavily, rains after a dry period and/or snows, it’s critical that riders make significant adjustments to the way their ride in order to compensate for these adverse conditions. Generally, in such poor weather conditions, riders should slow down – possibly even going 5 to 10 miles per hour slower than the posted speed limit, and they should allow for more headway between their motorcycles and other passenger vehicles.One of the primary reasons that it’s so important to ride slower and not follow other vehicles so closely is that it takes a lot longer to slow down and stop motorcycles when the roads are icy and/or slick.
  • Assume that other drivers do not see you – One of the smartest defensive riding techniques that motorcyclists can adopt is always riding with the mindset that other drivers and motorists do not see them because, in many cases, they do not. By assuming that other drivers don’t see riders, motorcyclists will automatically wait a little longer before making turns, provide more room between their bike and other passenger vehicles, not linger in other vehicles’ blind spots, etc. With such defensive riding practices as part of a rider’s day-to-day habits, the chances of getting into a serious motorcycle accident drop significantly.

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