Truck AccidentsMedical Issue Leads To Truck Accident In San Gabriel

November 4, 20160

A truck driver who apparently suffered a medical emergency while behind the wheel, barrelled through traffic along Valley Boulevard in San Gabriel in late August. The dump truck caused three collisions and injured five people before the driver finally came to a stop.

Driver Semi-Conscious

Police found the truck driver semi-conscious on a bus bench after receiving a hit and run call during the lunch hour. The truck driver was reportedly dazed and required medical attention. He was later taken to Los Angeles County USC Medical Center.

Caught on Film

The truck, which was traveling eastbound on Valley, was captured by drivers who filmed the incident with their dashcams.

Driver Bryan Sullivan captured the truck as it drove up on the median and was sideswiping cars as it rolled along, seemingly out of control. The first call to police was followed by a second that reported yet another crash and then a third as the truck made its way down the median of Valley Boulevard. The truck hit two vehicles at New Avenue, then three vehicles at Del Mar and another three at San Gabriel where the driver was found.

It came to a stop after rear-ending cars waiting to turn onto San Gabriel.

Minor Injuries

Of those injured, two were transported to San Gabriel Valley Medical Center but all involved suffered only minor injuries. Vehicles damaged in the incident included an SUV and a number of sedans.

The incident demonstrates that it is not just careless driving that can lead to a truck accident. Drivers who experience a medical incident while driving can easily lose control of their vehicles. In this case, the dump truck could have caused serious injury, especially if it had mounted the sidewalk and hit passing pedestrians.


The question is, in the case of a truck accident that is not caused by driver error, are those injured still entitled to compensation? Also, when evidence of the accident exists such as the video taken by Bryan Sullivan, how does one get access to it to assist with the case?

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