Car AccidentsThe Importance Of Pursuing Medical Care After Any Encino Traffic Accident

January 22, 20200

When a negligent driver causes a traffic collision in Los Angeles County, accident injury victims face many uphill battles, beginning with their medical care requirements.

At Binder & Associates our car, truck, and motorcycle accident attorneys in EncinoCalifornia know that these crashes can cause severe confusion, and with the adrenaline from the crash masking the injuries, seeking medical care may seem like an afterthought. It shouldn’t be. As experienced personal injury attorneys, we know that even minor bumps and bruises can worsen to greater pains that lead to long-term injuries when left untreated.

Since we are personal injury attorneys, not physicians our law firm cannot manage our clients’ medical care needs. That is why we strongly recommend that all accident victims — whether they were driving their vehicle, were a passenger in another person’s car, or were commuting using public transportation — obtain medical care immediately after their accident occurs, so their overall physical and emotional needs are assessed immediately.

Injuries victims should never have to worry about the costs involved with obtaining medical care after they have been hurt by another’s negligence. Our Encino skilled accident attorneys at Binder & Associates will help ensure their quick thinking and medical action is rewarded by pursuing the individual or party who caused their injuries for their full financial recovery.

Should I Go to The Emergency Room If I Am Hurt in a Encino Car Accident?

If you have suffered an injury in a traffic accident, we strongly advise you to seek emergency medical care.

This is especially true if you do not currently have health insurance, as the emergency cannot deny care to someone who is injured, which means you will get the medical attention you deserve despite your coverage.

The at-fault party who caused you injuries insurance coverage should ultimately cover any emergency expenses incurred as a result of the accident immediately after the crash occurs.

Emergency care is typically available in any city, which is ideal for travelers who are involved in traffic accidents because waiting to get home to schedule a routine visit with a regular physician can jeopardize your health.

The truth is, even if you do not feel like you are hurt, there is no way to understand how badly you have been injured until a medical professional can fully assess your condition.

What Should I Do After I Seek Emergency Medical Care for My Injuries?

The next step to ensuring your livelihood is protected after a traffic collision is to follow ALL your doctor’s orders. That means never missing an appointment, therapy sessions, or medical requirement that was outlined upon your initial medical diagnosis.

Next, contact a personal injury attorney who can fully explain your options in pursuing the financial recovery you deserve for the mounting medical bills that accompany your treatment.

When your injuries are severe, leaving you out of work — without a paycheck — your condition can worsen with the stress of unpaid bills. Our Encino personal injury lawyers will outline each of your financial requirements and pursue the negligent party who is responsible for making you whole again for the complete amount you deserve.

If you have been hurt in an accident, contact our Encino attorneys today at (818) 659-8588 to schedule a free consultation, and learn how partnering with our firm provides the legal experience your case needs to pursue a favorable settlement or jury verdict for your unique circumstances.