Premises LiabilityNegligent Security Can Lead To Premises Liability Injuries In Encino, California

January 15, 20200

Premises liability hazards can cause injuries to our Los Angeles County residents in some of the most commons ways, including slippery floors and torn rugs in restaurants, hotels, and retail outlets.

At Binder & Associates, our Encino premises liability attorneys know that severe injuries can occur without notice, and are often caused by more than negligent physical upkeep to the property.

Negligent security can also lead to serious injuries when a person is assaulted, victimized, or injured by the criminal acts of a third party on a business’s property.

While there is no limit to the places where negligent security can jeopardize the safety of our residents, there are common places where these premises liability injuries occur.

Expansive Parking Lots Are Cause for Concern

Big-box stores, retail businesses, shopping centers, and malls all have large parking lots that attract more than shoppers, but loiterers and predators who are focused on taking advantage of shoppers who are preoccupied with loading their purchases into their vehicles, or who are focusing on getting their kids into their cars safely.

Other parking lot dangers can include semi-trucks or RVs that use these spaces for overnight parking, leaving shoppers vulnerable to their passing activity.

When injuries do occur under these circumstances, businesses are often named as defendants in negligent security cases, because of the foreseeable risks that increase the odds of someone being a victim to a criminal act.

Retail Spaces That Share Space with Businesses Hosting Late Night Crowds

A continuing trend in many retail centers is to share space with restaurants and bars that serve alcohol.

Often these late-night hotspots host promotional events or special activities, doubling or even tripling the amount of traffic the venue is accustomed to accommodating. The increase in visitors and patrons can exploit weaknesses in their traditional security and safety protocols which can lead to serious injuries to visitors.

Doubling the cause for concern, negligent security can lead to severe injuries to those who are inside the premises, and those who are simply using the parking lot at the same time as those who exhibit reckless behavior. Without the appropriate security to stop them from hurting those around them, businesses can be held responsible for the injuries our clients suffer as a result.

Negligent Security at Hotels, Motels & Extended Stay Communities Place Visitors at Risk

When hotels, motels, and extended stay communities mix various guests that may share opposing social values and lifestyles — especially when hosting conventions or events — it can lead to foreseeable dangers for both the attendees and guests who are unaware of the venue’s current clientele.

When these venues lack the security necessary to provide crowd control or onsite safety, they can be held responsible for the injuries suffered as a result.

Encino Apartment Buildings Represent Unique Negligent Security Dangers

Negligent security claims that occur in apartment complexes are unique because the victims are often residents.

Each apartment building in Encino is different. Some may house residents in a single building, while others are sprawling facilities that require different levels of security to ensure the safety of their residents at all times.

Landlords face owe a greater level of responsibility to their tenants, and when they are negligent in their duties, they can be held responsible for our clients’ injuries and the financial fallout that results.

If you or a loved one has suffered an injury because of negligent security, contact our Encino personal injury lawyers at Binder & Associates today by calling (818) 659-8588 to schedule a free consultation to discuss your case and your financial recovery options. Our dedicated EncinoCalifornia premises liability attorneys will walk you through your legal options, so you can face the negligent party who caused your injuries with confidence.