Car AccidentsAccident Injuries And Immediate Care: Getting The Help You Need After A Crash In Ca

August 15, 20190
At Binder & Associates, our personal injury attorneys in EncinoCalifornia cannot emphasize enough how hard it is to immediately identify the extent of your injuries after an accident. The adrenaline rush accident victims experience impedes their ability to think clearly, even when the crash appears to be a simple fender-bender.Your heart is pounding, you are worried about your vehicle, and where you are supposed to be instead of dealing with an accident that can disrupt your entire life.

The first thing you need to understand after an accident is you are not okay.

Significant injuries can result from:

Even if you do not believe your injuries are physical, your emotional and psychological state has been compromised, and you need to seek care immediately.

Undetected Injuries Can Lead to Long-term, Serious Medical Treatment and Care

Depending on the type of vehicle you were in, and the type of vehicle that caused your accident, your injuries can go undetected hours and even days after the crash occurs, but that does not mean they are not severe. Serious injuries can remain hidden until their true symptoms are revealed over time, and by then the damage can be significant and irreversible.

These difficult injuries may go unnoticed by a non-medical professional directly following an accident, and can include:

  • Internal bleeding
  • Organ damage
  • Head injuries, including brain trauma
  • Neck and spine injuries

It is imperative to seek medical care right away after an accident even if the discomfort is not immediate, as the severity can be masked initially and lead to long-term treatment and medical care that changes your life.

Long-term Injuries Disrupt a Positive Lifestyle

When our clients are plagued by long-term medical injuries, their quality of life suffers significantly. These injuries can lead to expensive treatment that develops into an overwhelming financial strain on not just the injured, but their families.

Our clients battle with:

  • Mounting medical bills
  • Current and future lost wages
  • Unpaid expenses and monthly obligations
  • Property damage

At Binder & Associates, we take the lead in developing a strategic approach to pursuing swift recovery settlements for our clients, so they can get back to enjoying life as it was before their accident.

When Personal Injury Leads to Wrongful Death

There are times when our clients’ injuries lead to death, and we must expand our legal approach to include a wrongful death case. Our attorneys are experienced in helping families cope with the loss of a loved one by pursuing the individual or party who caused their death. A financial settlement certainly will not make your family whole after a tragic loss, but it will allow you to focus on grieving, instead of the expenses that accompany your sorrow.

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