Motorcycle AccidentsBeyond Asphalt: Off-Road Motorcycle Accidents and Their Unique Challenges

August 3, 20230

Riding off-road is a popular activity, but a dangerous one, nevertheless. There are unique challenges associated with this style of biking, and not enough people are aware of the risks that come alongside the rewards.

What Are the Dangers of Off-Road Motorcycling?

Why is this deemed as such a dangerous activity? Alongside becoming injured, there is a high risk of death and being left without help.

The Risk Factors

The biggest risk factors are worth discussing. There will be unique challenges that every off-road motorcyclist will face, and the real risk is that a lot of these things are down to random chance.

Becoming Injured

The most obvious fact is that you can get gravely injured. While there are a million and one safety tips for any motorcycle user, being off-road is unpredictable and you never know what you may be facing on the rough terrain. It is important to be mindful of the top safety tips and take care to fulfill your obligations.

Hidden Terrain Changes

Off-roading is fun, but do you really know that where you are riding is completely safe? There are so many things that can cause a loss of control, and when this happens you have no say in what comes next.

Young and Illegal Drivers

Of course, there is the continuous problem of illegal drivers. This type of recreational activity attracts the attention of a lot of inexperienced, young drivers that are not legally capable of obtaining the correct license and insurance documents. They also face the disadvantage of a lack of experience, which is a major cause of accidents both off-road and on the main traffic routes as well.

Improper Visibility

There is no real way to tell what you may run into or have to steer around when out off-roading. If you are driving at night, visibility is significantly decreased. There is a high chance that off-roaders are going at top speeds too, which makes it even more difficult to stop, spot and avoid hazards.

Isolated Areas

The location challenges that off-road motorcyclists face are key risk factors too. This activity often takes place in a rural setting, away from the main emergency connections and the general population. While you may run into some people, it is rare, so if an accident happens, there is a real risk you will be neglected until it is too late.

The Challenges Post-Accident

Once an accident has happened, there are a few challenges you will face. These types of crashes are often serious and will result in large-scale injuries that can put a pause on normal life. It is also difficult to ascertain blame, as you have a duty of care that will be seen as violated in the eyes of any mitigator as a first impression.

Recovery Time

Given the nature of riding a motorcycle off-road, there are many catastrophic injuries that can come as a result of a crash incident. This means you may be facing a prolonged period of recovery. It will make it impossible to return to your normal life, including going to work and socializing until you are physically fit enough to engage. Documenting your injuries is a good step to take, and it will help if you decide to bring a case for compensation forward.

Finding Liability

When you make the decision to go off-roading, there is an expected duty of care. It is your responsibility to be aware of your surroundings and only ride in a way that is safe for anyone else in the area. If an accident happens, but you don’t think you are to blame, finding external liability is often difficult. However, difficulties are there to be overcome and Binder Law Group will support you in finding the facts and collating the evidence wherever it is appropriate to do so.

The Most Common Off-Road Injuries

It is well established that off-road injuries are some of the most serious in the world of vehicle accidents. The most commonly occurring are:

  • Sprains, fractures, and breaks
  • Traumatic brain injuries
  • Lacerations
  • Loss of limb
  • Death

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