Car AccidentsCompensation Awarded In Auto Accident Due To Car’s Defective Design

January 27, 20170

An auto accident involving multiple vehicles is a complex case where several factors are likely to have contributed to the injured motorists. Just recently, a California jury found that the manufacturer of the vehicle that the injured plaintiff drove was defectively designed, leading to a conclusion that the car manufacturer is liable for compensation.

Collapsing Seat in Plaintiff’s Car

The auto accident lawsuit stemmed from a multiple vehicle crash that happened in 2012. The plaintiff was driving along the left lane of the freeway when she noticed a car accident right before her, prompting her to apply the brakes. While her vehicle was stopped, a pickup truck behind her crashed into the rear of her vehicle, causing the plaintiff’s car seat to collapse backward. As her car seat collapsed, the plaintiff hit her head against a metal intrusion. The impact of the crash also propelled her car forward, causing her vehicle to hit another vehicle.

Auto Accident Injuries

The plaintiff sustained several injuries due to the accident:

The plaintiff sued the car maker alleging that the car seat’s collapsing action when struck from behind was a defective design that led to her serious injuries. In its defense, the car manufacturer argued that the force of the impact that caused the plaintiff’s injuries was the result of the pickup truck hitting the rear of her vehicle, and not due to the failure of the car seat.

Each side presented their own experts to testify in their favor but ultimately, the jury held the car maker 55% responsible and the driver of the pickup truck that rear-ended the plaintiff’s car 45% responsible for damages totaling $13.9 million. The plaintiff’s husband also won $1 million for loss of consortium.

If you sustained severe injuries in an auto accident involving multiple vehicles, having an experienced car accident attorney by your side can help you recover compensation from the party responsible for your accident. At Binder & Associates, our Encino based auto accident attorneys will investigate the site of the accident, examine the vehicles involved, and can work with accident reconstructors to determine the cause of your injuries and the extent or severity of your damages.

Our firm also utilizes an evidence warehouse for storing your vehicle as we build a strong case for you and prepare to fight for your right to receive the maximum value of compensation that you legally deserve.

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