Wrongful DeathMedical Provider Liable For Inmate’s Wrongful Death

February 10, 20170

A medical care provider in Pennsylvania was ordered to pay more than $11 million in damages in a wrongful death lawsuit arising from the suicide of an inmate at a county jail. The federal jury ruled in favor of the inmate’s surviving spouse and his estate, finding that the medical provider and its medical staff were negligent when they failed to recognize and attend to the inmate’s need for routine doses of his anti-depressant medicines.

Wrongful Death Due to Lack of Medication

The case stemmed from the detention of a man who was arrested in 2009. The inmate already informed a county jail nurse that he was taking antidepressant medication for his psychological problems. Records confirmed this information but the decedent was not placed on the mental health line nor was he provided regular doses of his antidepressant medicine during his detention.

The inmate took his own life just a few days from his arrest, prompting his wife and estate to file a claim for wrongful death against the company that was providing medical services to inmates at the county jail.

Multimillion Wrongful Death Award

The federal jury deliberated on the lawsuit for a few days and eventually announced its verdict finding the medical care company and its personnel liable for their failure to address the deceased inmate’s need for regular medication which led to his suicide. The jury awarded the plaintiffs a total of $11.9 million in damages, including punitive damages.

Wrongful Death in California

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