Dog BitesNew Usps Rankings Reveal Los Angeles No Longer Us Dog-bite Capital

July 8, 20160

Some of Southern California’s postal workers received a dose of good news last month, when the United States Postal Service (USPS) revealed new rankings for cities with the most frequent dog attacks against postal workers.

Los Angeles dropped from number one to number four on the USPS list, as the City of Houston reclaimed the top spot as the dog bite capital of America with a whopping 77 incidents. Though the second and third slots were tied, other cities that beat Los Angeles for USPS dog attack frequency included San Diego, Cleveland, Chicago and Dallas.

Increased Dog Bite Safety Measures

In the wake of the most recent rankings, USPS revealed that it is planning to implement widespread measures to further protect workers from aggressive guard dogs. Such measures include notifying USPS of any canines on the property prior to a schedule package pickup, which is meant to allow postal employees time to mentally and physically prepare (if necessary) prior to a canine encounter.

Additionally, USPS reported that it is working on an additional safety measure that would allow postal workers to log the addresses of any aggressive dogs into a database, which would help streamline information for all parties, including substitute workers filling in for normal letter carriers.

Together, these measures could, USPS hopes, help reduce dog bites in LA by a further 25 percent in the next year.

In the state of California currently, there are specific civil codes that are meant to address dog bites. Specifically, these codes state that, if a dog bites someone, it is the dog owner’s responsibility, regardless of whether or not it was on private or public property.

Dog-Bite Injuries in California

Dog bite injuries have the potential to be very dangerous, especially if they are not handled with swift care. The most important thing in any dog bite situation is to seek the appropriate medical attention, especially if you cannot be certain of the vaccination history of the animal that attacked. It is also important to have a qualified medical professional diagnose any lasting injuries or disabilities as soon as possible.

In many cases, those injured in a dog bite attack are eligible to pursue a personal injury claim, which can help offset a number of financial challenges during the course of recovery, including:

  • Past, present or future medical expenses
  • Past, present or future lost income, such as salary, commissions or other wages
  • Related economic losses
  • General damages, otherwise known as pain and suffering

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