Pedestrian AccidentsWhy Jaywalking is a Common Factor in Pedestrian Accidents

July 25, 20230

Pedestrian deaths are at a record high in the USA. While pedestrian accidents don’t always lead to a loss of life, it is a significant risk that simply needs more press. There are lots of things that lead to a pedestrian style accident out and about, and one of the leading factors often cited is Jaywalking. So, why is it such a common factor in this type of incident?

Let’s Define Jaywalking

Jaywalking is when a pedestrian crosses a road without the official crossing or lights to help them across. It is dangerous because it puts drivers at risk as they won’t be expecting it, and pedestrians are at risk for the same reason.

Is It Illegal?

Jaywalking used to be illegal in LA, but not anymore. The relatively recent Freedom to Walk Act was introduced so that pedestrians can Jaywalk as they please, though it is important that they still be mindful of safety. Has this decision impacted the number of related accidents? It is difficult to say. What is certain is that pedestrian accident rates are steeper than ever before, and Jaywalking is a significant contributor to that fact.

What Are the Main Risks?

What makes this act such a big deal in the grand scheme of things? Crossing the road seems like a necessity, and it is. However, there is a need for making a good decision about the right time and place to ensure that you and everyone else are not put in harm’s way. Let’s explore the biggest risk factors.

Mobile Phone Distractions

Billions of people own a mobile phone, and so many of us are often distracted by it as we are walking about in the world. If someone decides to cross the road but fails to give it their full concentration because they are texting or watching a video, this is likely to lead to an accident.


The same is true of pedestrians walking around under the influence of alcohol (or drugs). You are never completely safe with alcohol in your system, and the risk increases the more you drink. If you know that you are over the limit for safety then it is time to call a cab or ask someone you trust for a lift home instead. You can’t make reliable decisions when you don’t have your sober brain switched on.

Slip and Fall Incidents

Slip and fall incidents are one of the most common reasons that pedestrians become injured in a collision. If someone is Jaywalking, then they are likely to be crossing in a rush or have made a poor choice about where is safe to get to the other side of the pavement. This means the likelihood of falling down is increased because they won’t ever be giving full concentration to their physical movements. Instead, they will be thinking about getting there quickly. So, they are less in control and more likely to stumble or trip naturally or because of an obstacle.

What Role Do Motorists Play?

Of course, motorists sometimes play a part too. Though there will always be a question of how much they are at fault if Jaywalking was involved, it can be useful to go through the situation to see whether it could have been avoided. What actions influence the chance of a collision taking place with a Jaywalker?


Speeding drivers are breaking the law. They will be held accountable for this, and it does increase the scope for a severe injury taking place. Even if the Jaywalking pedestrian took all the care in the world, if a motorist comes along and they are driving too fast, there is a big risk here that an accident will occur.

Not Paying Attention

Drivers get distracted just like everyone else, and this will also play a part if the timings align. Whether they are using their phone or just not looking hard enough, accidents happen like this all the time.

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